Certification CE

Our machines are suitable for EC regulations according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC
It follows the below listed community directives:
– 2006/42/EC_ Machinery Directive
– Directive 2014/35/EC (Low voltage BT directive)
– Directive 2014/30/EC (EMC electromagnetic compatibility)
– 1935/2004/EEC Regulation for materials and objects in contact with food products

And to the following STANDARDS:
– EN ISO 12100:2010 – Machine safety
– EN 1974:1998+A1:2009 – Machines for food industry – Slicing machines– safety and hygiene requirements
– EN 1672-2:2005+A1:2009 – Machines for food industry – Basic concept – Hygiene requirements
– EN 62233-1:2008/AC:2010 – Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines
– EN 60335 -1:2012/A11:2014 – Safety of domestic use and similar electrical equipment
– EN 60335-2-64:2003/A11:2012- Safety of domestic use and similar electrical equipment

Certification MOCA

Our slicers are perfectly suitable for EC regulations n. 1935/2004 on the discipline of materials and objects intended for come in contact with food (MOCA).
This regulation, implemented in national and European legislation, and applied by the Ministry of Health, is useful to protect consumer’s health, by using only suitable materials to avoid a contamination of food with which they come in contact.
This declaration of conformity, reinforces the quality, the safety and the transparency of FAC’s slicers.

For test reports contact Fac srl


Some of our slicers models are ETL certificated according to the following criteria:
ANSI/NSF 2 for volano slicers
ANSI/NSF 8 NSF for electrical slicers
Since when Life Safety come up in the market in 2005, the ETL mark is one of the most known and estimated in the mark certification sector.
The presence of the ETL Listed mark on an electric, mechanic and electromechanical product, means that it has been tested and it satisfies the minimum electrical safety requirement enshrined by the US and/or Canadian federal regulations.
The ETL Listed mark is owned by Intertek, who keeps constantly updated the directory of products which have been tested, marked and they are regularly inspected, to ensure compliance with North- America standards.


The IMQ security mark guarantees compliance with the legal and safety requirements for the products and its spare parts.
IMQ works as a testing and calibration laboratory, known for certifying different EC directives, it also checks electric plants and elevators, it is an inspective agency, it gives support and formative advices to companies which intends to export.
The certified electrical products with a security mark guarantee:
• that the product complies to the legal conditions, which has been submitted by a third party to all the necessary tests to verify its conformity with the requirements before the introduction in the market;
• That the manufacturer, as well as the production, has been controlled by the certification institute in order to maintain the quality standards.
The IMQ mark attests the conformity of electrical products to the CEI (italian electrotechnical committee), European or international law requirements.