About Us

Passion and quality since 1963

F.A.C. Srl is an Italian company manufacturer of slicers since 1963 and is located in Cavaria, in the Varese province, a strategic point for distribution. We strongly believe in “Made in Italy”, that is why our products are realized in the national territory.

Over the years, the range of available articles has increased, with the introduction of cutters, hamburger presses, graters and much more. The excellent balance between quality and price permits a constant development both in the national territory and worldwide, and the desire to keep on growing is our main goal! The customer satisfaction makes us go on to improve and propose new products able to meet today’s needs.


In 1961, after 17 years spent as a laborer and then as a technician at the various manufacturers of slicers, Corrado Lanza decides to risk and leaves his job to start his own business in Cavaria.

While his wife Fausta and a couple of workers assembled the slicing machines in the workshop under the house, Corrado travelled on his scooter with two or three sample machines tightly tied to the trunk to visit the shops in the north and east of Milan, where he got always good orders.

From time to time, a friend lent him a small car that he filled with slicers to go to Veneto, another good source of new clients and orders.

This technique of “see-and-sell” marketing ceased soon, as the orders started to arrive also from abroad.

One of the most powerful and lasting supports of success, word of mouth, has become a source of new markets for Corrado machines.

Now F.A.C. exports more than 50% of its products throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia and South Africa.


In 1973 Corrado and Fausta decided to move to their first real factory, a 200 square meter building, which soon expands to 1,000 square meters.

Although now F.A.C. leans on trusted contractors, its current assembly plant of 4500 square meters and 500 square meters storage have become too small and have yet to be expanded.


With an eye to the future, Corrado has called the members of his family to help him, teaching strictly the job from the beginning.

It’s been a good school, because the new generation has taken over successfully in all sectors (Administration, marketing, personnel, research, quality control, etc.).